Boeing 757/767 Normals


  • PM calls “80 knots, PF “check, Throttle hold”
  • Pitch up to 15 degrees, Fly FD commands, speed v2-v2+15
  • 400′ select roll mode
  • 1000′ CLB thrust, VNAV, CTR CMD
    accelerating, flap retraction
  • after takeoff checklist


Low Altitude Level Off (CBS procedure)  – FCTM 4.2

  • CLB thrust
  • bug clean speed
  • SPD mode (A/T)

Climb Constraints – FCTM 4.2/1.41

  • respond to ATC with MCP
  • request PM update VNAV CLB or CRZ in CDU, time permitting
  • VNAV (FMC altitudes) will not violate MCP altitude, i.e. will level off in ALT CAP

Climb Speed – FCTM 4.4

  • automatically computed speed is displayed on CLB and PROG pages
  • below speed transition altitude (normally 10,000′): 250 KT or clean speed, whichever is higher
  • WP-related speed restrictions are displayed on LEGS page
  • altitude-related speed restrictions displayed on CLB page
  • provides ECON (optimum climb) and ENG OUT speed modes
  • MAX ANGLE also provided as reference speed on CLB page
  • when FMC data not available ECON is 290/.78M above 10,000 MSL
  • when FMC data not available max rate climb is clean speed+50 until intercepting .76M

Engine Icing during Climb (see Technical tab)



Descend Speed

Descent Path

Descent Constraints

Speed Intervention

Offpath Descent


Engine Icing during Descent


5. HOLDINGScreen Shot 2017-05-01 at 1.21.12 PM.png





ILS (Precision) – NP.21.42, NP.11.13

Non-Precision Approach (NPA) – NP.11.14, NP.21.44, SP.4.5

PMA approach is required for (NP.11.15):

  • precision approach (ILS or RNP) when ceiling is <300 ft and/or <1sm visibility
  • NPA (LOC, VOR, NDB, RNAV) when ceiling is <1,000 ft and/or <3sm visibility

VNAV should only be used for approaches that have 1 of the following (NP.21.44):

  • a published GP angle on the LEGS page for the final approach segment

  • an RWxx waypoint at the approach end of the runway

  • a missed approach waypoint before the approach end of the runway, (for example, MXxx)





Crosswind Landing Techniques – FCTM 6.45,


8. GO AROUND (two-engine, with AP & A/T)

Procedure – NP.21.46/FCTM 5.71

  • Go-Around, Flaps 20, call FMAs
    verify go-around attitude and thrust
  • Positive Rate, Gear Up
  • Advise ATC
  • 400’RA request LNAV or HDG SEL, call FMAs
    verify missed route and altitude


  • 1000’RA
    Speed up to Flaps 0 Maneuvering (Clean Speed)
    Request “CLB thrust”
    Retract flaps on schedule
  • at clean speed/flaps up
    request “VNAV/FLCH & after takeoff checklist”
  • re-CRZ assigned altitude