Boeing 757/767 Non-Normals & Special

Study aids:

  • summary EO Notes
  • actions at 1,000′, following Engine Failure V1/Fire at rotation

List of NN procedures:

  • engine failure at V1/engine fire at rotation
  • E/O go-around with AP and without AP
  • engine failure during GA
  • engine failure in cruise/driftdown


  • all flaps and slats up Landing (QRH PI.11.7, FCTM 8.12)

Special Procedures:

  • Normal GA
  • Manual GA (no AP/no AT), e.g. rejected landing
  • Windshear



1. V1 Cut Procedure – FCTM 3.39

  1. PM calls out 80 knots and PF announces “Throttle Hold”
  2. At “Rotate” delay slightly if runway allows
  3. initially maintain pitch of about 12-13° then fly FD,
    climb at V2 to V2+15
  4. trim as soon as workload allows (15 units into good engine)
  5. at 400’ request a roll mode (depending on EO procedure)
  6. 1000’ request “VS+200 and CTR CMD”
  7. bug clean speed and retract flaps on schedule
  8. at clean speed, select “FLCH”
    then request “CONT thrust & activate engine out page please”
  9. set E/O speed in selector and adjust thrust lever to maintain
  10. diagnose, e.g. engine failure only no surge or stall?
    execute memory items if required
  11. call for NNC reference items followed by after takeoff checklist;
    I have radios
  12. at level-off, announce ALT CAP
    reduce thrust, rudder trim 10 units
  13. discuss weather, approach, and E/O missed approach
  14. setup and brief the approach
  15. call for deferred descent and approach checklists


  1. initial climb-out
  2. 400’
  3. 1000’
  4. clean speed
  5. level-off

2. E/O Go-Around with AP – FCTM 5.73 

1. Go-Around, Flaps 5, call FMAs
verify go-around attitude and thrust
2. firewall thrust levers
3. Positive Rate, Gear Up
4. rudder trim: 15 units into good engine
5. Advise ATC

6. 400’ request LNAV or HDG SEL, call FMAs
verify missed route and altitude

7. 1000’, bug clean speed and retract flaps on schedule

8. at clean speed/flaps up,
select “FLCH”
request “CONT thrust”

9. after takeoff checklist

3. E/O Go-Around with no AP/AT – reference

same as #2
apply GAGL technique:
-go-around switch
-“CTR CMD” then push G/A switch again, “LNAV/HDG select please”

Engine Failure Cruise/Driftdown – FCTM 4.13

1. disconnect A/T, request CON thrust
2. manually set MCT on operative engine,
trim rudder 5 units into operative engine
3. request “activate ENG OUT page”
4. select MCP altitude and speed, and verify MSA
5. advise ATC and determine lateral deviation if required
6. request “VNAV” (aircraft will descend in VNAV SPD)
7. determine ENG OUT D/D or LRC
7. NNC and discuss plan of action